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What People Are Saying About Salaam:

“Salaam…subtly transposes a genre of music few Americans are even aware of into a sonic realm that feels enchanting and exotic, while still strangely familiar.”
– Banning Eyre, NPR

“Salaam covers a lot of ground with a perfectly balanced mix of respect and innovation.”

-Srajan Ebaen, Six Moons
“…their music reveals solid chops, an adventurous spirit, and a joy in performing that makes for marvelous listening.”
“Utilizing compositions that go back hundreds of years in some cases, they also play original music that’s perfectly of a piece with the traditional material.”
-Sean Westergaard, Allmusic
“With scintillating tonalities, whirling rhythms and unearthly chords, Salaam is a tour of Near Eastern music in its many variations.”
-David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express
“…pretty much the best of both worlds, a boundlessly creative, completely out-of-the-box mix of styles.”
-Lucid Culture
“I dig this natural-feeling maqam-inspired improvised music.”
-Patrick Jareenwattananon, A Blog Supreme/NPR Jazz
“It’s the perfect blend of old and new, and the group has given some of this century old material an entirely new feeling and style.”
-Cosmos Gaming
“The members of Salaam…are finding ways to open connections among peoples through sharing their gifts in music.”
-Wandering Educators
“Salaam is an unforgettably exotic experience to listeners of all backgrounds, and highly recommended.”
-Midwest Book Review

"...One of the best bands I've ever seen. I love a band that 'listens' to each other and plays off of each other so well! Master musicianship -- And a lot of fun! I didn't want to stop dancing."

-Dayna Calderón, Concert Associate, Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago


"Authentic, well-performed music by talented professionals helped us create an authentic atmosphere for our preview events for the special exhibition Treasures From The Royal Tombs of Ur."
-Linda Lee, Coordinator of Special Events, Cleveland Museum of Art


“You certainly added to the cultural theme of the evening and are a wonderful representative of what we hoped to provide to our members and guests this evening – culture, fellowship, entertainment and pride in our heritage.”

-Anton J. Fakhouri, president of the National Arab American Medical Association, Illinois chapter


"We had the largest attendance of the season. You have that rare quality of making music with a total connect to your audience."

-Jack Ergo, associate professor of music, Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa


"A testimonial to the power of musical training and band chemistry"
-Bloomington Voice


"One of the more naturally euphonious ensembles... enchanting"
-Billboard Magazine


"Don't miss this wild and sensual, yet rhythmic and spiritually enlightening music... the ever exotic Salaam have built a solid reputation on top-notch musicianship and their authentic interpretations of Middle Eastern Music. Guaranteed to wake the spirit."

-Borders Book and Music National Newsletter

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