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Ya Salaam!



Ya Salaam! is an expression of musical bliss, and a fitting title for Salaam's fifth CD, recorded in the spring of 2005..  These performances have a fresh, spontaneous sound, and there is incredible variety in terms of instrumentation and style.  The album features the vocals of Hakan Toker and Amir El Saffar, a departure from the purely instrumental music of the previous albums.  "Ya Rayah" and "Yine Bir Gul Nihal" are surprisingly progressive, while  "Sema'ii Bayyat" and "Jurjina Medley" showcase the band's mastery and respect for the musical traditions of the Near East.  

Recorded and engineered by Jake Belser at Primary Sound Studios, Bloomington, IN.  Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL.  This CD reflects the musical growth of the artists.  It is mature and refined, as well as experimental and daring.

Click on the titles below to listen to each song on YouTube:

1.  Arabic Medley

2.  Sultaniyegah Longa

3.  Bestat Baghdadiyya

4.  Ya Rayah

5.  Gozlerin Bir Icim Su

6.  Ya Jamil

7.  Oud Taksim

8.  Semaii Bayat

9.  Kanun Taksim

10.  Mandira

11.  Al Henna

12.  Parfum Du Gitane

13.  Jurjina Drums

14.  Jurjina Medley

15.  Yine Bir Gul Nihal

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