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We are pleased to present our 2009 release, the self-titled, Salaam.  This CD is a well-crafted exploration of Iraqi, Syrian, Turkish, and North-African music, along with several original compositions, improvisations, and fresh interpretations.  Salaam is the result of an inspired by a collaboration between Dena El Saffar, Amir ElSaffar, Tim Moore, and Hakan Toker, with additional performances by Joe Donnelly, Victor Santoro, Kevin MacDowell, and John Orie Stith.

Recorded and engineered by Dave Weber at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, IN.  Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering, in Chicago, IL.

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Click on the titles below to listen to each song on YouTube:

1.  Layla

2.  Sellefeena

3.  21st Century Gypsy

4.  Chobi Party

5.  Hadha Mu

6.  Mandira

7.  Arazbar Pesrevi

8.  Yugrug

9.  Retik

10.  Taqsim Lami

11.  Gulli Ya Hilw

12.  Nihavent Saz Semaisi

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